Amish Barn Raiser vs. Wind and Rain

So Sarah and I rented a truck from an un-named source(they don’t technically allow towing), to go pick up our Amish Barn Raiser from Tumbleweed Tiny Homes in Colorado Springs, to take it to the Tumbleweed workshop in Santa Fe, and later its build site in La Mesa, NM. Immediately after leaving Colorado Springs we were hit with high winds and huge gusts of wind, which as it turns out isn’t good for your gas mileage. In addition to the wind, through the mountainous terrain that lies between CO Springs and Santa Fe we were in a huge rain storm for most of it. Being my first time towing a tiny house this was by far probably the worst case scenario in my opinion, never the less we bared down and kept moving forward. Over 7 hours later and I don’t remember how many stop, we made it to Santa Fe!  The Tumbleweed workshop was hosted by Ella Jenkins, who has a crazy awesome tiny house that she built herself. The workshop was a great experience for both Sarah and myself, we learned a lot about building a tiny house. Learning from someone who has actually taken on building a tiny house and had no experience prior to  was really cool. We learned a lot of the ins and outs, and tips and tricks of building a tiny home. After an long weekend we finally got the tiny house to its build site and cannot wait to start building! Now without further ado please allow me to introduce you to our tiny house dubbed 20feettofreedom!



Workshop :)

Beau and I are at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Santa Fe New Mexico. We will write about the long adventure to get here soon! 

Spring break our way

We didn’t have much planned for Beau’s spring break except a little trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico. I can sum the couple days into a few words, Aaron Lewis, wine tasting, gambling, spending too much on room service, more gambling, spending too much on drinks and bumping into a few friends from Las Cruces. After staying at Inn of the Mountain Gods for a couple days we ventured our way back home but not before checking out White Sands National Monument. We purchased a sled from the gift shop and searched for the biggest hill we could find. 



After that super sandy sledding experience and a couple pit stops we were finally home relaxing for a couple hours before we had a crazy idea 🙂 For a few weeks to say the least Beau and I were searching every ad for a used Tiny House in our price range. We looked on Tiny House Listings , Tiny House Talk and even Craigslist ads from every surrounding state. Being frustrated with phone calls and emails unanswered we weren’t sure our tiny house hunting was going as smooth as planned. That night Beau was checking out Tumbleweed Tiny House Company like we’ve done hundreds of times before. We’ve always considered Tumbleweed to be way out of our price range even though they always came to mind often and with our used Tiny House search not looking good we were considering a DIY build. Both of us have no construction experience what so ever so that thought seemed to instantly give me anxiety. As he was going through their website he was reading about their Barn Raiser option. This option would include the trailer, framing, subfloor, lofts, plans and anything else we wanted to add for additional costs. It would save us 200+ hours and a ton of initial headache. We were so excited about the affordability and the showroom being only a little road trip away we scheduled an appointment two days out. 

Driving up to Colorado Springs was such a last minute thing I had to book the hotel on the way. But boy did that bed feel like heaven after being stuck in a car for almost 9 hours. Waking up the next morning to ground covered in white powder and it still snowing was a bit of a shock seeing that Las Cruces’ weather was in the high 70’s. We scrambled to get to the other side of town and just made our appointment. 


Just seeing the Tumbleweed sign when we pulled up was a bit of a dream come true. I’m a tiny house geek I guess you could call it. So in a way I was probably fangirling 🙂 We met with Jeremy Maddox the Sales and Design Specialist. I was kind of absorbing everything and letting Beau ask all the questions. Jeremy showed us the Cypress 24 model they have on site for tours.   I fell in love with the loft’s double dormers, the extra room in the back and how open all the windows make the small 100 something feet feel quite larger. We talked over the design we were interested in and decided on staying another night in town to come back tomorrow for our final meeting. An entire day was ahead of us and thanks to Jeremy for recommending Garden of the Gods we spent it being tourists.  


We also found ourselves in the heart of Manitou Springs. Manitou is a Native American word for “great spirit” which is exactly what we discovered there. Even though we somehow couldn’t find even one of the eight mineral spring fountains we stumbled across a Tiny House being built by Sarah Dohrn and her husband called Little Acorn House. Beau was driving by the Manitou Springs Art Center where they are currently doing their build project he immediately uturned when he saw the 28 ft (I believe) long tiny house. Sarah was very welcoming. Let us walk around her completely DIY home. She has this beautiful antique stained glass window in the great room I’ll have to find a picture on her blog to share. She answered all of our questions, shared tips and gave us her email which will come in handy during our build 🙂 

Random beauty near the visitor center in Manitou Springs (which was closed)   

Another morning in Colordao Springs, this time it was already 50 and it just felt like a great day. A nice sit down lunch a quick stop at the bank and we were back at Tumbleweed. Jeremy went over the prints of our design we signed our contract, handed over the check and were completely amazed by how easy it was. Yet again we were in the car. Traveling back to Las Cruces. 


We have about 6-8 weeks before we have our Cypress 20 Barn Raiser. Plenty of time for research, YouTube, garage sale picking and completing our scketches of the interior design. This is only the beginning…. 



Our start toward freedom

Hello everyone!

In Colorado Springs to but our Amish Barn Raiser!

In Colorado Springs to but our Amish Barn Raiser!

In the beggining there was.....

In the beginning there was…..

Welcome and thank you for visiting our blog. For those of you who do not know us, I am Beau Abbott and my partner in crime and girlfriend is Sarah Bazinet. We will both be posting on here and documenting our adventures. What adventures you ask? Well here’s the deal Sarah and I have decided to go tiny! We will be building our very own tiny home together modeled after TumbleWeed Tiny House Company’s Cypress. We are starting off with Tumbleweed’s Amish Barn Raiser and will be building it from that point on. “Wow! You two must have a lot of experience building stuff! “Nope. We don’t know what we are doing but we are armed with a floor plan, material lists, tons of hours of research, and a whole lot of love for each other and our mutual dream to live tiny, travel, and see the world.

Just two young people in love!

Just two young people in love!